How do I apply?

Applications are available online and can be accessed here.


What is the application like?

During the application, you will be asked to tell us about your community and why you’re driven to photograph it for us. You’ll also be asked to submit two sample Close Up Baltimore posts: one of yourself and another of a member of your community.

If you’d like some more detailed information about what we’re looking for, check out our applicant’s toolkit


What can I find in the toolkit?

You’ll find suggestions for photographing subjects in a way that illustrates their personality, as well as tips for getting great stories from your subjects.


When is the application due?

Our application opens March 9th and closes on April 13th at 11:59PM..


I’ve been selected as a photographer! What next?

Congratulations! You will meet with the Close Up Baltimore team and the other selected photographers to learn more about the vision and expectations for the project. Each photographer will receive a $750 stipend and submit 15 posts (including photograph and story) to Close Up Baltimore.


How will the photographers be paid?

Photographers will be paid in three installments of $250. To receive each of these installements, each photographer must submit 5 photographs and stories.


What are the terms of being a Close Up Baltimore photographer?

Please see our terms and conditions here.


How soon must I produce the photographs for Close Up Baltimore?

After you’ve met with the team, you will have six weeks to produce your 15 photographs. As you are being paid in installments, this breaks down to producing 5 portraits every two weeks.


What if I am not chosen?

Baltimore has a wealth of artistic talent that is spread across the city. The only downside to such amounts of talent is that we can’t harness all of it at once. Unfortunately, we’re restricted to choosing up to 10 photographers in this round, however, we may have another application process in the future.

In addition, our application gives you the option to allow Close Up Baltimore to share the photos you submit on our social media. If we share your photos we will, of course, credit you. Although you will not be paid for this, it will give you exposure to our international network of followers.