Most national coverage of Baltimore is predictable and one dimensional: poverty, urban blight, unrest, corruption. For most of us who call Baltimore our home, this image of our city captures just a small part of our experience. Baltimore faces challenges and setbacks, yes, but it is also rich in strength, triumphs, and a deep sense of community. Close Up Baltimore was launched in July 2015 as a platform that allows the people of this city to speak for itself.

Every day, Close Up Baltimore posts a new photograph of a Baltimorean along with a piece of their story that they have chosen to share. By giving Baltimoreans a platform for their own stories, we create space for a more authentic narrative - one difficult to capture in the national media. On any given day, Close Up Baltimore gives you the opportunity to meet someone new and to learn from the rich inner life of a stranger you may otherwise walk past on the street. In doing so, we hope to deepen the ties of our own community, and ultimately compel a national audience to see beyond the soundbytes and stereotypes that negatively characterize our city.